Odd one out.

The new weekly photo challenge is A Face in the Crowd.

I was considering a couple of photos before deciding to go a different way entirely.

A lonely looking Great Crested Grebe in a Black-headed Gull roost.



The break of day.

This week’s Cosmic Photo Challenge is well timed, I was about to head out to Colpoy’s Bay for the sunrise when it was posted.

Waiting for the sun to rise over the Niagara Escarpment and a frozen Colpoy’s Bay.


Soft and pastel.

This week’s Cosmic Photo Challenge is “The Look of Love” which made me think of roses, chocolates and this photo. Taken in the mid 1980s using a soft focus filter on the lens and a little known film, Scotch Chrome 1000.

Soft focus Rose taken on Scotchchrome 1000, Cheshire, England
Soft and pastel.